Choosing an Experienced Animal Care Clinic

Animal Care Clinic proudly stands by being accredited by the American Pet Hospital Association as an accredited, full-service veterinary medical facility for the benefit of our community’s pet and animal patients. We are proud to be named among the best 5 AAHA accredited veterinary facilities in North America for 2020, and are proud to offer an excellent level of health care from a dedicated team of qualified, caring veterinarians!

An important characteristic that distinguishes our animal care clinic from others in the area is our commitment to providing a personal touch with each of our pet patients. Our staff is comprised of certified veterinary technicians (DVT), and they work side-by-side with our animal care therapists and clinical staff. Our animal therapists are well-trained and experienced and they are skilled in the diagnosis and treatment of a wide range of common and uncommon pet conditions and diseases, including digestive disorders, cardiovascular issues, respiratory problems, neurological disorders, arthritis, and more.

The veterinary technicians and animal therapy sessions will include but are not limited to, medications such as flea and tick treatments, de-worming treatments, heart worm and ear infection treatments, cat and dog health exams, heart worm treatment, dental care, vaccinations, heartworms, and more. Our animal therapy sessions are conducted in a quiet and gentle environment so that the patient and the veterinary technician are able to work closely together and truly understand the needs of the animals involved.

Another important characteristic of an animal care clinic is its ability to offer ongoing after-care. If you are concerned about your pet or animal’s health after they leave our clinic, we have a variety of after-care programs in place. Our after-care specialists will work with you and your veterinarian to create an individualized program that meets your pet’s specific needs.

An animal care clinic should also be able to give their patients personalized attention and services, such as a free assessment and consultation. Many of us believe it is crucial for your pet to know that you are available to help them whenever they need it. This way, the vet can discuss treatment options that can address the specific needs of your pet, helping you find the most effective plan to care for your animal.

Whether you are considering a new pet or just want to make sure that your old pet is staying healthy, choosing the right veterinary clinic can ensure a long and healthy relationship. With an experienced, compassionate staff and a comfortable atmosphere, you will be glad you chose to call on our facility for all of your veterinary needs!

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