3D Crystals Make a Perfect Heart Pendant For a Woman

3D Crystals USA is the premier source online for 3D Crystal Heart Jewellery and other 3D Laser Jewellery. 3D Crystals are produced using a high tech laser machine in a controlled environment. Crystals are custom designed by hand and then carefully struck from a state-of-the-art laser printer. Your order can be printed with a wide range of laser crystals to best fit your requirements. 3D Crystals are also produced using a patented method which ensures that all customers receive exactly what they ordered and you receive competitive pricing.

Each piece of 3D laser jewellery that we sell is hand-blasted with a high quality gemstone. After the stones have been heat-treated, they are then carefully hand-polished by hand to bring out their natural beauty. Each piece of 3D crystal jewellery carries our uniquely designed logo laser engraving. The laser engraving is perfectly clear and there is no chance of the bright glare of the laser equipment shining from somewhere in the room.

Our “3D Heart” necklace is a modern day interpretation of the classic heart necklace, and we believe that the classic beauty of the heart shape still shines through. The “3D Heart” necklace has a simple, three-layered heart shape surrounded by an array of crystal birthstones in a circle, which can be worn on any occasion, and with any combination of necklaces. To complete the look, we offer an optional beaded chain. The necklace is completely designed in our trademark “3D” crystal form.

Each necklace comes with a silk screening on the front, a special message from the designer and certificate of authenticity. You can wear this amazing necklace on any special day, whether it’s for your birthday Valentine’s day, Mother’s Day, or even as a wedding anniversary gift. Your loved one will know that this necklace was designed especially for her. A gift that will give meaning and special memories to your relationship.

The process of creating these wonderful pieces of fine jewelry using the revolutionary new technology of “Laser” Crystal Cubing is very fascinating and totally unique. Each piece of “3D” crystal jewelry is hand-crafted with the utmost care by the world’s most creative crystal artists. All of our “3D” crystals are hand-blown to create a very high quality jewelry product. Many clients ask us why we don’t simply use real diamonds, rubies, and other stones. After all, isn’t that what we’re all used to?

The answer is simple – we love working with these beautiful crystals, and we believe you will too. By purchasing your heart shaped pendant online, you’ll have an opportunity to view and choose from a wide variety of styles, all made by hand. In addition, you’ll be able to send an email to us if you need further information, or if you have any questions. Feel free to visit our website, and view all of our fabulous heart shaped pendants. Our heart-shaped pendants are also available in a variety of precious metals, including: yellow gold, white gold, and platinum. You’ll love how we work with any of these precious metals to create the perfect necklace for you.

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